Our lithographs are numbered and signed by the hand of the artist.



Our prints, in order to guarantee optimal shipping, are not framed. As for all high-quality artwork, they are rolled by professional in their shipping packages. Upon arrival, they can be framed according to your taste and preferences.


Technical information

All technical details are provided on individual artwork pages. Please contact us if you have any additional enquiry.



We produce package and ship our product with optimal care and dedication. We pride ourselves in bringing you services of superior quality.



We collaborate with contemporary masters. Each artwork is made with time proved techniques to satisfy the highest standards of quality.



Payment Methods

You can pay by Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Alipay, as well as by Paypal. Our site is fully secured to ensure optimal payment safety.

Blackstamp’s payment gateways (Stripe and Paypal) are certified. So as to ensure optimal customer trust, no payment information is stored upon our site.

The price includes the print, the shipping, and a care kit, comprising linen handling gloves and a user’s manual. For specific countries, additional customs taxes not included at checkout might apply. Please check with your local tax authority.

Price change 
As it is the tradition in limited edition, the prices are likely to change when the edition begins to sell out. When we have strong demand, prices can change over time, and items stored in your basket can be subject to price changes.   

Blackstamp members are previous buyers who have created an account. Members can benefit from a member discount of up to 15% for some limited-editions releases and can also have exclusive preview access to the editions.  



Delivery Time

You will receive your order within 3 to 25 business days. The delivery time varies according to the country of delivery. 

Blackstamp uses UPS Art carrier. Working with major galleries all around the world, UPS Art has special expertise in the care of artworks.


Our carrier will give you a tracking number upon order. Arrival time will be updated regularly by our carrier so as to ensure that your artwork arrives as soon as possible.

Return Policy

If the artwork arrives damaged, our return policy allows you to return your artwork within twelve business days and to be refunded. Return must be made with the complete kit. Please contact us at within three days of the reception of your lithograph so the issue can be handled in the most efficient manner. 

Custom Clearances

Custom clearance fees exist in some countries and are not calculated in the checkout price. The tax depends upon the price of the goods and is subject to changes. Please consult your local tax authority.

Cancellation of a placed order 

Please contact us at to find the optimal solution.