1. Object 

The following agreement contains the respective rights and duties of the Company and the Client.  Blackstamp is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of limited edition lithographs. The Client hereby confirms that she or he is a person over the age of 18 years having full legal capacity to enter into this agreement; or a person under the age of 18 years not dependent on any parent or legal guardian havingfull legal capacity to enter into this agreement.

2. Products 

All Blackstamp limited editions are original prints, which bear the signature of the artist. Each print is made in limited quantities. The quantity is fixed upon production and is variable. The quantity in the print series will be mentioned on the Blackstamp website for each individual lithograph series. 


3. Availability 

Prices and products are valid only when they are visible on the site or until stocks are depleted. Blackstamp does not guarantee the availability of the product for any given period.  If a client should buy a print even though stocks are depleted, Blackstamp will quickly notify the client that the print is not available. Blackstamp while promptly reimburse the client within ten days. In such a case, Blackstamp has no liability towards the client and no obligation to deliver the print.  Although the whole Blackstamp team strives to provide the most accurate information, it is possible that minor errors could be posted on the site. Such errors are not legally binding. If such a case happens to you, Blackstamp offers you a full refund. In such a case, Blackstamp has no liability towards the client and no obligation to deliver the print. 


4. Order

Client declares that she or he has read these terms and conditions before placing the order. Client acknowledges that placing the order implies acceptance of these terms.


5. Transaction

Upon ordering on the Blackstamp website, you will receive a confirmation email. The transaction is deemed complete when Blackstamp has received payment for the product it will be shipping. The transaction is valid once the confirmation email has been received. Payments will be made in euros. 

6. Shipping 

Clients acknowledge that Blackstamp cannot be held responsible for any delay by the third party carrier. The shipping is free. Clients acknowledge that Blackstamp can only deliver to the address the client mentioned. Should the client have entered the wrong address, Blackstamp will not be responsible for a failed delivery. Clients acknowledge that they have given a valid email and telephone number to Blackstamp, in order for the carrier to fulfil the order.  Blackstamp works with selected shippers. Should the shipper fail to provide delivery to a specific country, Blackstamp shall not be held responsible. Shipment to specific countries may be impossible on account of the carrier. Blackstamp is not responsible for the impossibility of shipment.    


Blackstamp is not responsible for: Custom delays; Lost or damaged shipments by the carrier; Lost or damaged shipments by customs services. 

Clients are responsible for: Paying for the return of a product; Paying for custom clearance when applicable: Handling any issues with the carrier. 


7. Security 

Blackstamp does not store credit card details. The identity of our customers is kept secret and is not shared with third parties. 


8. Contact and customer service

Blackstamp aims to respond as quickly as possible to its customer. However, due to high demand, we cannot give or guarantee any time frame for a response.  Please contact us at contact@blackstamp.co


9. Return 

After full payment of the order, the customer benefits from the legal guarantee of conformity and the warranty against latent issues, in accordance with the legal provisions of Articles L.211-1 to L.212-2 of the Code of consumption services and sections 1641 to 1649 of the French Civil Code.


10. Privacy 

Blackstamp respects the client’s privacy. Personal details are kept confidential. 


11.  Intellectual Property 

The purchase of a print does not entail any right of reproduction, exploitation or commercial exploitation of the print, in any medium whatsoever. The artist, for having conceived the artwork, remains the holder of the copyright of the artwork he has created. 


12. Legal dispute 

For any legal dispute, the French law will be applicable and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French Courts. 


13. Price 
The price includes the lithograph and a lithograph care kit, comprising linen handling gloves and a user’s manual. The shipping is free. For specific countries, additional customs taxes not included at checkout might apply. Please check with your local tax authority.

As it is the tradition in lithograph edition, the prices are likely to change from the moment when the edition begins to sell out. When having strong demand, prices can change over time, and items stored in your basket can be subject to price changes. On very rare occasions the prices or description may be incorrect. In such a situation, you will be refunded or if you wish, you can keep the artwork at the correct price and correct description.

14. Payment
You can pay by Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Alipay, as well as by Paypal. Our site is fully secured to ensure optimal payment safety. The price includes the lithograph and a lithograph care kit, comprising linen handling gloves and a user’s manual. The shipping cost is free. For specific countries, additional customs taxes not included at checkout might apply. Prices are shown in euros and included the 5,5% value added tax in France and in the European Union. VAT is not applied for Clients resident in the rest of the world.


15. Responsability
It is expressly agreed by the Client that any disruption in the service for any reason whatsoever, external intrusion or computer virus, do not engage the responsibility of Blackstamp. In case of malfunction for any reason whatsoever, the Client shall not be entitled to any compensation other than the reimbursement of his order.


16. Return policy
Client has the right to withdraw from this agreement and return the Prints for a period of 15 days from the date of delivery. The date of delivery is defined as the date in which the client takes possession of the print. If the client wishes to make a return, he or she needs to contact Blackstamp Customer Service at contact@blackstamp.co We will then issue to the client the return form that must be filled out as well as all information relative to the return. The cost of returning the product is at the Client’s charge. Prints must be returned in their original packaging and in their original condition. Customer refund will be made by bank wire within 30 days of reception by Blackstamp of the returned product with the full kit.